It's a pretty interesting transition that happens, for some quickly, for some, not as quick...

It's crazy to look around and reflect a bit. As I sit in my nice backyard in Meridian as the sun sets, listening to music and staring at my laptop. I've got my dogs out here with me, an outdoor fireplace in it with wood but no fire cause it's too warm for all that. Inside, I've got this house that's nice, certainly not immaculate but it's definitely the nicest house I've ever lived in, mostly because my lovely fiance, Stacy has decorated it.

I'm 33 and I look back at who I was at 21; throwing house parties, drunk all the time, posters of Sports Illustrated models on the walls of my apartment, just a total disaster. Even three years ago when I met Stacy I was still sort of living a bachelor life. I would let dishes pile up in the sink for days and days, and I don't know that there was any specific moment (maybe when Stacy moved in), but somewhere along the line I became an actual adult.

I'm not a dad yet, but I'll tell you this much. I'm pretty good with dad jokes, I have a dad bod, and I take good care of my animals so in the next couple of years (hopefully) when we start popping kids out, I think I'll be adequately prepared.

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