Less maintenance, less stress, and a desire to spend more time outdoors are three common reasons for buying a tiny home. And according to American Modern Insurance Group, affordability and a lower cost of living trumps them all.

Fair enough. But what's the deal with this "condo" in Sun Valley, Idaho? The pied-a-terre that boasts a mere 373 square-feet has a listing price of  $488,000 and a monthly HOA fee of $333. Is this not the exact opposite of the tiny living philosophy? It doesn't take an expert to figure out that answer.

In April this year, data from Rocket Homes determined the median listing price of a four-bed Meridian home was $406,700. By comparison, a home with the same number of bedrooms in Sun Valley costs $3,200,000. All the same, if affordability/finances aren't an issue, is it worth paying almost half a million dollars to live in a 373 square-foot condo? Check out the pics below and decide for yourself.

The Astonishing Price Of A 373 Square-Foot Sun Valley Condo is a Joke

Is it really worth paying nearly half a million dollars to live in a "condo" that's less than 400 square feet? Not in our humble opinion. But scroll through the gallery below and decide for yourself.

Gallery Credit: Ryan Antoinette Valenzuela

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