If your road trips across Idaho involve stops at TGI Fridays, you might be noticing some changes.  The Boise location closed at Towne Center, but there's still a Fridays location in Nampa that may see one of these makeovers.

By the looks of the new design, TGI Fridays wants to create a place that looks like one big college study hall, or as one blogger puts it, "hospital cafeteria." Instead of dark and eclectic, the makeover goes for light and clean. What about the food?

Fridays is testing out the new decor at a Corpus Christi, TX restaurant and they'll see how it goes, and then add the new look to other restaurants around the country. The booths look like those you might find in a cafeteria, and the colors are tans, light greens, and dusty blues with lots of light, instead of dark wood with dark red accents.

With the new approach, Fridays opens at 7 a.m. and has free WiFi, a juice bar, and an open deli case and hopes to attract the “work from home types,” according to the website ObsEv. Fridays also plans on hosting live bands, trivia, and open mic nights.

If you're a millennial, you're a big deal and restaurants want to attract you. Hence the college atmosphere.

There's no word of menu changes at this point -- just the decor.

So, whaddya think?  Are the changes a good idea? Millennials will be the judge of that.

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