Winter Is Coming! How Do I Prepare?
I've never lived through a proper winter, so I have no idea what to expect or how to prepare for it. Treasure Valley, can you answer my questions so I don't freeze to death this year?
So The Sky Is Going To Suck For A While
The Treasure Valley skies aren't the prettiest we've ever seen them thanks to the Wildfires but there is one silver lining to all this. Small, but perhaps silver, nonetheless.
Pumpkin Spice Is On The Way!
Okay, so yeah, it's still a little hot here in the Treasure Valley but FALL IS COMING! What's your favorite part of the fall? PSL? Football? Fall colors?
What Are We Grilling This Weekend?
High temps in the 90's, it's gonna be beautiful in the evening, what are we grilling this weekend? My German mother in-law to be is in town, so maybe some brats! What about you?
How Hot Is Too Hot For Dogs?
To walk them on the pavement, or to leave them for any length of time in the backyard. I feel like in the old days, dogs just lived outside but now my dogs are ready to come back in after about five minutes.
4th Of July Weekend Weather Alert!
So 2020 has dealt us some interesting hands, but at least here in the Treasure Valley, we'll kick off the second half of the year with a beautiful 4th of July Weekend!

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