Mike and Kate

Kate Says Goodbye In Her Own Words
The news is out..Kate is leaving Mix 106 at the end of the week. Hear what she has to say about her journey and what it has meant to work in the Treasure Valley for all these years.
Idaho Stampede vs. Texas Legends with MIX 106
It was Utah Jazz Night at the Idaho Stampede game with MIX 106's Mike and Kate.  The Idaho Stampede played against the Texas Legends.  The house was packed and the crowd was wild.  Mike and Kate raised the energy level during time outs with games and giveaways...
Shocking Leaked Images From Airport Scanners
If you've been on an airplane in the past few years, you know that you are going to have to go through a body scanner and have your picture taken. It's not to supposed to show our naked bodies, but that might not be the case.
Do You Understand the Words Coming Out Of My Mouth
If you didn't catch the Periscope this morning on Twitter we had a blast playing "Read My Lips for Idaho Stampede Tickets" and the Mike and Kate Night this Saturday night. Make sure to follow us @mix106radio and never miss a thing.
Insanely Dangerous Toys From Our Past
Here is a list of some insanely dangerous toys that have actually been sold in our past. Think of how cool it would be to own a hand cannon or an actual working steam engine toy that ran on kerosene or gas.  Yep, these were actually made for kids.
Castles Really Exist Here in Idaho
I think we all can name at least one castle that we know of here in Idaho, whether it's the newer built Castle out in Kuna known for hosting weddings and parties, or the Castle built as a home on Warm Springs here in Boise. Bet you had no idea we had a lot more castles all around the state.

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