Idaho Googles This D-List Celebrity Most Often
Maybe you've Googled your own name, or a few hard-to-find Pokemon characters more often than you've looked up a celebrity online.  That might be a good thing.
But if curiosity about Gary Busey or Vanna White's birthday gets the best of you and then next thing you know you're Googling, you're not alon…
You Googled It
The people over at Google always do an amazing job with recapping the year. In just under 3 minutes, 365 days passes right before our eyes and we are able to re-live and experience it all over again.
While the rest of the country was Googling that, this is what came from Idaho

The Hunger Games…
You’ll Never Guess What Service Idaho Googles the Most
When you start typing something in the search box, Google thinks it knows what you're about to say and it fills in the blank for you, right?  The auto-fills come from what's most popular.  In Idaho, it's a surprise to learn what medical procedure we're searching for the…
The Most Googled Brand In Idaho Is…
The Huffington Post says in Idaho we Google the HP brand more than any other.  And Google itself is number one in Google trends in Oregon.  That's hard to wrap one's head around.  Are people really Googling Google?
There were some entertaining discoveries in other state…
High School Students Taking On Google
Three high school boys may change the way we search for anything online. After winning a school hackathon competition, they used their $500 prize money to enter a tech convention showing off how their creation could change how we search online. Take that, Google!
Project Wing
What would Google have to deliver? Is it the Philosophy lip gloss I order? Or maybe it's the back-to-school clothes I found on sale? We don't know the answer to what will be delivered but we do know Google will have the ability to deliver it. Introducing: Project Wing.
We should know everything about our parents, right? One lady found out the hard way that she did not know everything about her mom. Thanks to Google, now she does and she doesn't know what to do with the information.