Forgive And Forget

Forgive & Forget: Phones Hold Secrets
Shawn has been ghosted by Emily... Seemed like everything was good to go and then she disappeared. What we do know is that she may have found something *questionable* and embarrassing, in his phone...
Forgive & Forget: Face It
Ashley has been ghosted by Dustin and she's pretty sure it's because she's got a weird tattoo in an even weirder place. We'll find out if maybe he can look past it and try going out again.
Forgive & Forget: You Have A Son
Jaycee wants our help letting a man know he has a 7 year old kid and asking him to forgive the fact that she's held on to this info for so long.
Forgive & Forget: My Blanky
Michael wants to ask forgiveness from a woman by the name of Christy he's been on and off with and has now ghosted. They had one last hookup and then he STOLE something from her and never gave her any explanation so now he wants our help coming clean.
Forgive & Forget: Wrecked Lambo
Carrie needs our help asking her dad for forgiveness... So she's an "influencer" and while he's been out of town, she did a photo shoot on top of his Lamborghini and dented the crap out of it so she wants our help asking her rich daddy for forgiveness.
Forgive & Forget: I Cheated
Sabrina needs our help asking her boyfriend for forgiveness, simply because, she cheated... Yeah... She hooked up with one of his friends and wants our help letting him know and asking for forgiveness... We'll do our best on Forgive and Forget.
Forgive & Forget: First Responders Follow Up
A while back we talked to Cassandra and her new husband Justin... Cassandra was pregnant and needed our help telling Justin the baby MIGHT not have been his... Well, the results are in... Is the baby his? If not, did he stick around? We've got them on the phone and we'll catch up with them…
Forgive & Forget: M O M
Drew needs to ask his ex-wife Alicia for forgiveness as he's accepted a job in a new city and plans to take their son with him. He knows she's not going to be happy but it's a move he needs to make. Moug & Angie help him ask for forgiveness.

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