Forgive And Forget

Forgive & Forget: He’s Not Your Dad
Judy needs our help telling her son that the man he THINKS is his dad, isn't, and that's not even the most shocking part. Wait until you find out who his real dad is...
Forgive & Forget: I’ve Known The Whole Time
Alyssa needs to talk to her best friend Daphne before Daphne ties the knot with Matt. As it turns out, Matt used to drive to Twin Falls to cheat and Alyssa has been sitting on this information for a long time but feels Daphne needs to know before she gets married.
Forgive & Forget: Weird Kink
Justin's girlfriend Sammie found a dog walker app on his phone and because he doesn't have a dog, she thinks he's cheating. Well, he's not cheating, but what he is up to is much stranger. Moug & Angie help him share his truth and ask for forgiveness.
Forgive & Forget: Back Together
Bradley wants to ask his estranged wife Janelle for forgiveness... She found out about something he did six years ago and decided she wanted to end things with him. Moug & Angie will find out exactly what he did that ended a six year marriage, with a kid, and help him ask for forgiveness.
Forgive & Forget: For The Gram
Derek wants Moug & Angie's help telling his wife there's something she needs to stop doing because she's TOO attractive. We'll see what that is and if she'll be willing to bend on this in this new Forgive & Forget.
Forgive & Forget: Ch-Ch-Changes
Mike wants our help asking his girlfriend, Angela for forgiveness. He says he's gotta talk to her because she's gone through a change of sorts and he's not sure he can handle it. Moug & Angie help him ask for forgiveness in this all new Forgive & Forget.
Forgive & Forget: Still Married
When you're supposed to get married, but you can't because you're still technically married... That's the situation Ben is in and he needs Moug & Angie's help letting his fiance Kim know his truth.
Forgive & Forget: Side Hustle
Josh needs to ask his wife, Lindsay for forgiveness as he's had to find a creative way to make some extra cash. She's glad he's got some side cash coming in but she's likely going to be HUMILIATED when she finds out how he's making it.

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