Forgive And Forget

Forgive & Forget: Ghosted!
Franklin wants our help asking his girlfriend Odessa for forgiveness, because he's GHOSTED her. Not like a girl he went on one date with... His actual girlfriend. We'll see if we can help him patch things up.
Forgive & Forget: The Wedding Singer
Rich needs to ask his sister Rachel for forgiveness. He's getting married and his niece is supposed to perform at the wedding and now his sister is trying to turn it from a wedding to a family talent show. We'll try and help him prevent this from happening.
Forgive & Forget: Weird Kink
Justin's girlfriend Sammie found a dog walker app on his phone and because he doesn't have a dog, she thinks he's cheating. Well, he's not cheating, but what he is up to is much stranger. Moug & Angie help him share his truth and ask for forgiveness.
Forgive & Forget: Who Is She?!
We have a women who wants to ask Forgiveness, and also wants to ask what the heck? She wants to ask her boyfriend for forgiveness for looking through his phone, but she needs to ask what the heck about what she found in his phone...
Forgive & Forget: Not The Godmother
Lana needs to ask her best friend Fiona for forgiveness. Lana had a child and Fiona assumed she'd be the Godmother but Lana does not trust that the child would be in good hands if she ever passed and Fiona was to care for her. Wait till you find out WHY she doesn't want her to be the godmo…
Forgive & Forget: Only Fans
Jessie needs to ask her boyfriend for forgiveness as she's been making some money on Only Fans, doing who knows what? What he doesn't know is WHO the customer that's putting up all the money is... She knows he's going to be LIVID when he finds out...
Forgive & Forget: Christmas Lights & Trump Flags
Josh needs to ask his neighbor Megan for forgiveness as he took it upon himself to remove her Christmas lights while she was out of town. She got back and thinks someone stole them and FLIPPED out in their neighborhood Facebook page, mad that anyone would go anywhere near her house so he wants our h…
Forgive & Forget: Wing Woman
Kimmy needs to ask her friend and co-worker Madison for forgiveness. Madison is crushing on this guy they work with and Kimmy was supposed to do be a wing woman and do some reconnaissance to see if he was interested in her as well. Well, then she figured out that SHE liked the guy and now she's…
Forgive & Forget: I Got The Job
Kiara wants to ask her good friend and co-worker Trisha for forgiveness. She got her dream job! No literally, Kiara got Trish's dream job. A promotion she'd been trying to get for a long time. Kiara doesn't even work in the same department but she got the job over her friend and she w…

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