Aerial Fireworks Now Illegal
It's been an ongoing conversation, with attention and emotion escalated after the Table Rock Fire, and now aerial fireworks are officially illegal to be sold in the State of Idaho.
Safety Precautions with Fireworks Stands in the Treasure Valley
Fireworks stands are officially open for business in the Treasure Valley!
And while they can be fun, we saw last year with the Table Rock fire, how devastating they can be if not handled responsibly.

A Roman candle was the cause of the scorched four square miles of foothills land and the reason one h…
Family Fun And Fireworks
Play BALL!!! Memorial Stadium and Professional Baseball is back in the Treasure Valley. While the Boys of Summer are ready to take the field, here are some of the amazing promotions that you don't want to miss during the Hawks season that is sure to become part of the must do list.
Boise Fire Chief Frustrated
It's one of those images you don't forget; Table Rock, on fire.  The damage from fireworks is still obvious.  Boise's Fire Chief is "outraged" it could happen again.
See What’s New at the Idaho Potato Drop
The first ever GlowTato will be featured at this weekend's Idaho Potato Drop.
Events start Saturday afternoon and lead up to midnight when that giant, high-tech, internally lit, fake glowing spud will descend. And there's a new heated tent too.
Scentsy Rock-A-Thon 2016
The Third Annual Scentsy Rock-A-Thon is this Friday from 6am - 6pm!
70 rocking chairs will line Eagle Road in front of Scentsy Commons to raise money and baby supplies for Family Advocates, a local nonprofit organization working to strengthen Southwest Idaho families to end child abuse...
Change ID Fireworks Laws?
The damage is immediately clear visually as you drive into the city following the 2500+ acre Table Rock Fire last week.   The cause was fireworks.  Should our Idaho laws change?
This is the Most Dangerous Firework for Kids
We don't do it every day, but for some reason on the 4th of July we don't think twice about lighting a stick that burns at 2000 degrees and handing it to a 3-year old.  Maybe not the best idea!  Kids get injured from this one particular type of firework more than any other.

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