Boise's Lost Dog Story Goes Viral
If your dog goes missing for nine months, would you give up hope?  One thing is sure -- one dog didn't give up, and returned home after nine months in the Idaho Mountains.
Dog Dies in Boise Foothills and it Could Have Been Prevented
Vets are warning dog owners of the dangers of heat stroke and how common it is after a dog died on a trail over the weekend. So far this season, West Vet has seen about 10 cases of heat stroke!
They see these cases the most this time of year, whether it’s when owners are outside takin…
Do Not Let the Dog Eat These Things on Super Bowl Sunday
I've got a terminally ill dog, and he's getting a whole lot of treats right now that he's never experienced before. Like Cool Whip!  Why not. Prime rib is not out of the question for this pup on his last legs.
But we've got to be smart at the football party on Sunday.  D…
Mike & Nicole's OPP: Dog Dilemma
Dear Mike and Nicole,
Within the last week, our doberman bit our 3 year old, in the face, causing her to get stitches.
It was quite a traumatizing event and scared me terribly. As a mother, seeing something so awful happen to your child is your worst fear...

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