There's an episode of Schitt's Creek where Johnny gifts Stevie one of those big tacky cases of makeup to show his appreciation for her. Stevie, who wears minimal makeup at most did not take it well. She assumed he thought she should "fix" her face. As it turns out, he's just a terrible gift giver. Now that the season for gift giving is here, avoid giving gifts that nobody wants to receive.

I've often been told that I'm an excellent gift giver, which can be attributed to my thoughtful observant nature. If I spend an extended amount of time with you, odds are I have tons of little details stored in my brain that help me pick out the perfect gift. And I think most people manage to find good gifts for their loved ones. The tricky part is finding the right present for people with whom you aren't very close. Secret Santa situations, co-workers, friends' spouses, your kid's teacher, etc.

Wright Brand Bacon commissioned a survey asking what presents people loathe receiving the most, and here's what they found:

1.  An ugly sweater.  Including ironically ugly Christmas sweaters and normal sweaters that you'd just never wear. It's also a boring gift. Not here for it. Byyyeeee.
2.  A necktie. It's bland trash on Father's Day. Not any any different for Christmas.
3.  A coffee mug. Personally I'm a sucker for a mug, but most people already have their       favorite. Skip it.
4.  A scarf. Weather conditional clothing? No thanks.
5.  A robe. Not a terrible gift, but people are (rightfully) picky with robes. That's a                   comfort item that is hard to choose for someone else.
6.  Candles. Scents are so personal, so unless it's a fragrance you know they love,
odds are it's not getting lit. It'll likely be re-gifted to someone else who also won't             love it.
7.  Socks. Hard disagree on this one. I live for a thick pair of fuzzy socks and packs of         socks for everyday use. But the people have spoken.
8.  Weird jewelry you'd never wear.

If you happen to get any of these and you're NOT about it, Wright Brand Bacon will give you a chance to swap your gift for their bacon. Check their Instagram for details.


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