Soon you'll be able to get some deep-fried Twinkies while you're picking up a Snuggie and a car battery.

Wal-Mart is adding a new restaurant inside Treasure Valley stores, and it's inspired by State Fair Foods.  Even fried meatloaf!

State Fairs across the country have a reputation for getting wild with the food options, and Grubstreet says Wal-Mart is going to make a restaurant out of all of that fattening goodness.

Among the items on the menu at the new store-based restaurants: fried Jell-O, fried butter, fried Coke, fried meatloaf, fried Thanksgiving dinner, chicken-fried lobster, and funnel cake ale.

Isaac Russo used to be just a guy who created odd foods and won awards at the Texas state fair every year, but now he's moving into the restaurant business and it just so happens that Wal-Mart is a great fit.  The plan is to start in Texas this month, and spread out from there.  I wonder how that deep-fried smell will mix with the fresh-baked bread smell that most Wal-Marts are working with. Hmm.

Now, if only Wal-mart would add some games like that claw that tries to grab a stuffed animal. Oh wait!  Many locations have that too. A Super Hammer Roller Coaster maybe...

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