It's inevitable. Don't even try to tell us it doesn't matter.

We ALL like to know how fast, how far, and for how long.

Now that analytic experience is coming to St. Luke's FitOne

Download the RaceJoy mobile app and carry your phone on race day. The app uses GPS technology to track your progress and send alerts to social media and your friends and family. You can also track up to 20 other race participants, send them supportive cheers and messages, and use the MeetUp tool to find each other in the crowds!

You can download the Racejoy App here

So you know. it isn't too late to join Billy and Charene and the MIX 106 team at St. Luke this year. You can sign up for St. Lukes FitOne and run with us by signing up here. This yer, the MIX 106 team is brought you by Sparklight.

Daniel Ritz
Daniel Ritz

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