This is what we definitely don't want to see in the headlines. My wife grabbed me this morning to tell me the first case of a child being sick from an illness directly related to COVID-19 has been reported and is currently at St. Luke's Children's Hospital in Boise.

I receive this alert earlier in the day but didn't want to mention it to her. This is the last thing any parent wants to hear especially if you've spent plenty of time in the hospital. We immediately go to a bad place with flashbacks.

Sometimes we can see the headlines and swipe by a post and assume the worst, so I jumped around to get more information via news outlets. KTVB is reporting that the child has been sent home and is recovering well.


Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome (MIS-C) is rare and that might be why this is only the first case we're hearing about regarding children.

This is the reason my wife will not allow our kids in public places right now. We plan to wait until we know for a fact it's safe for our angels. That's our job.

Meanwhile, I will post up and keep you in the loop with information. If something comes up or I get details that you need to know, I'll post them.  I want to put two links up for you from KTVB and Idaho News Channel 2. KTVB has some great detailed information on this MIS-C and Channel 2 gives you some great quotes from St. Luke's regarding this type of case.

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