It's officially "wait, should I be wearing a sweater today?" weather. Early mornings and late nights are still delivery chilly temperatures, but the days are feeling pretty nice lately. So I've put away most of my jackets, hoodies, and sweatshirts. Probably Mother Nature is tricking me and I'll need all of it again, but until then I'm diving into spring fashion. Not all my stuff from last year though. It's time to shop and support local business like a good Idahoan.

Uptown Cheapskate on Broadway is usually my go-to. They sell (and buy) brands I wear regularly, like H&M and Nordstrom. Spring cleaning actually resulted in 4 bins waiting to be taken in. You'll get cash or 25% more in store credit on the spot for your accepted items. Highly recommend. But I've stumbled upon 3Peat Vintage & Streetwear, the graphic tee heaven that's anything but basic.

Their tagline is "Some things vintage, all things dope." A bold claim, but a scroll through their Instagram illustrates what they mean. I'm not huge on shoes. That's not my bag. But sneakerheads will be impressed with the selection.

I'm more interested in their tee-shirt inventory. I love Friends, but it seems like that's the only graphic tee in existence these days. Some popular phrase or image from the show slapped on a shirt. 3Peat has some gems, like this X-Men tee sparking my inner geek.

For now shopping them online isn't an option. The website promises "soon." So that's a bit of a bummer if you're short on time. But vintage stores are a vibe all their own. Much more fun to shop in person. 3Peat Vintage & Streetwear is located in Downtown Boise at 404 South 8th Street in the 8th Street Mercantile Building.

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