I get wildly excited any time I see job openings in the Treasure Valley. The pandemic wreaked havoc on the job market. I know too many people who are still laid off or on furlough. Thankfully we live in Idaho, a state Forbes cites as one that will bounce back quicker economically than most. Now that spring is here, it makes sense for Idaho Botanical Garden to be hiring.

They are looking to fill two positions:
Senior Director of Visitor Services

The Horticulturist position is seasonal full-time and pays $12-$16 per hour. I imagine range depends on experience and skills. Be sure to boost that resume as much (and honestly) as possible. You deserve that $16! You can find a full job description and list of requirements on the application here.

Senior Director of Visitor Services is a full time position offering a salary ranging from $62,000 - $75,000. The deadline to apply is April 26th, 2021. All the details are on the application here. Word of advice, ask for $75,000. If you're qualified and confident, this isn't an absurd ask. The worst that can happen is they say no and then you negotiate. But it should definitely not be you who gets in the way of making your coins.

If you love the garden but aren't trying to make a career out of it, they do offer volunteer opportunities in the following areas:
Garden Ambassador
Garden Store
Click here for more information

I don't have a green thumb in the slightest, so I just stick with donating money every now again. Hope this helps! Good luck!

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