It's that time of year where I start panicking about looking good in my Halloween costume, Thanksgiving photos, Christmas pictures, and on New Year's Eve! And it's honestly the time of year I'm most productive at getting in shape, so I'm pretty excited. In fact, I've already lost a couple bloat pounds this week.

A lot of people tend to get a little fluffy as the colder months roll in, usually kicking it off with a candy gorge on Halloween and continuing with Thanksgiving food and holiday party treats. Being vegan limits those options for me greatly. Most candy is not vegan friendly anyway, and I get sick of candy quickly. I've never been a fan of Thanksgiving food or the holiday itself, so I don't really partake in that. And holiday parties don't offer much by way of vegan options unless I'm the one hosting.

But I'm vegan year round, so what's the difference? For whatever reason I don't like drinking alcohol as much when it's not summer. I usually supplement lack of vegan options with drinking because great at life choices. But in the colder months I just end up not stuffing my face as much or lushing it up.

It's also easier for me to work out in fall and winter. I'm perpetually hot. I mean, on a level that is not normal for the average person. So working out in the summer isn't appealing. I don't think anyone enjoys feeling overheated. When the temperatures drop it feels so good to go for a long run. So basically ya'll can expect to see me progressively get in fire shape until New Year's Eve. Are you embarking on a fitness journey this fall and winter?


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