Slide the City Boise will be epic! This event brings our favorite childhood summer activity and the pride of our city together to create one massive party! Here's what it's all about...


Get ready to slide down 1,000 feet (yep, over three football fields) of soapy vinyl down S. Protest Road. This event has been hosted in other cities but we KNOW Boise will set the bar pretty high.


Wear something to stand out! Are you bringing your rad flippers? What about your BSU garb? Do it up right and you'll make a splash (in every way).


The route is on S. Protest between Boise Ave. and S. Federal Way. Come by Big Jud's afterwards. You might as well do it up right. Take a ride down a massive slip-n-slide and then take the Big Jud's Challenge. You only live once!


mix 106 slide the city boise


Did you win your Slide the City tickets with Mix 106? If the answer is "no", have no fear. There's still hope! Tickets to slide will be available on event day. Here's what you need to know.


kid jumping on slide the city


Slide the City is not guaranteed to come back so don't wait! Plus, you're sliding for a cause. The Ronald McDonald house benefits. Have a blast and impact lives? OKAY!


Comment below if you plan to Slide the City! Tell us who is coming with you so we can say hi!