If you plan on hitting the roads, beware. A crash involving a semi and slick roads are causing massive back-ups along I-84 approaching Glenns Ferry. 

The crash is between exits 114 and 120 according to an article on idahonews.com that details the conditions. No word on if there are any injuries associated with the wreck.

Eastbound traffic is said to be backed-up about 10 miles and several slide-offs have been reported.

These types of road conditions may be common over the next few days. We are expected to see near-record cold temps. We're expected to get down to 15 degrees tonight and then the weather should warm up to the low 50's by Saturday, but still a bit unseasonably cold.

Grab that coat and be extra careful as you hit the roads. You never know when you're going to hit an icy patch that could turn your day upside down.


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