A safari ride through Zoo Boise already sounds like a good time! Throw in some red wine, now that's an even better time.

Zoo Boise is hosting a few safari rides for those 21 and up this year with its first Wine Safari happening on Thursday, May 13th 2021 from 5:30 - 7:30 pm. According to the event's description, zoo go-ers will "enjoy tastes of wine from around the world, while also experiencing VIP animal talks tours, and experiences." Light appetizers will also be provided for guests. 

You can imagine how popular these events might be which is why they are being limited to the first 30 people who sign up per date, so I wouldn't wait around forever to buy a ticket if I were you. Tickets are $150 each and guests will be split into groups of 10. Additional recommended health precautions will be in place as well, according to the zoo.

May 13th just so happens to be the following Thursday after Mother's Day and would make for a great Mother's Day treat if you ask me! If you're looking to celebrate on the special date and still would like to be surrounded by zoo animals, Zoo Boise is hosting it's annual Mother’s Day Brunch on from 9am – 10am on Sunday which you can make reservations for here.

In addition to the May safari event, there are two more Wine Safaris set for July 15th and September 16th. Tickets can be purchased online and are nonrefundable unless you are sick. If you have questions, you are encouraged to email egleaton@cityofboise.org.

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