Let's talk about politics! I'm just kidding. There is no doubt that COVID-19 has been a huge political football being tossed around the country. What will they write about 2020 in our history books? Well, let's get through 2021 first.

You are seeing celebrities become voices around the vaccine. Some people are actually reaching out to get prominent people to endorse the vaccine. That's where you insert Dolly Parton out to Idaho with Carole King.

Leave it to women to somehow how to revive confidence through their voice and music. It's almost like the difference between my dad calling my name versus mom. They have two distinct sounds and volumes. Dolly Parton has really been in the limelight and continues to showcase her vocal amazement. She recently did an amended version of, "Jolene."

She has the best southern draw and still sounds amazing. That's a number one song that she gave a vaccine makeover. Well, we have our own number one artist and Grammy winner living right here in Idaho. Carole King is a music Icon with multiple Grammy's that include her number one song, "Too late." Carole was inspired by Dolly posting this to Instagram today.

It's Women In History Month and let's showcase them both with some Idaho love for Carole. It's funny that both of those original songs came out right before and they find a way back in 2021.

There were a few new announcements this week surrounding the vaccine that include pre-registration. We've posted details on how to register and potentially get in before your time. Follow the links below.

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