Sometimes I swear we all had the same childhood. All our parents told us it was illegal to drive with the light on in the car. We all used the oscillating fan to do a robot voice. We all said "Then why don't you marry it?" in response to someone loving something. And all our parents told us to grow up to be lawyers or doctors. And television really stays reinforcing the narrative that lawyers and doctors are everything. But I want to talk about doctors.

ER, Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, House, The Good Doctor, New Amsterdam--medical dramas are all about doctors. But thinking back to any visit I've ever had to the hospital, most of my time was spent with nurses. They did all the things and the doctor would pop in for a second and that's it. Not knocking doctors. They are obvi important. But damn, nurses deserve SO much credit.

My sister in law has been a nurse for a few years now, and the toll it takes is undeniable. But day in and day out she gets up and nurses all over again. With passion and purpose. And that's hallmark to all nurses. Throw in a pandemic, and oh my gosh they deserve to be showered with all the gratitude and appreciation. So I say let's do it!

It's National Nurses Week today through May 12th, which leaves plenty of opportunity to do something kind for the nurses of the Treasure Valley. Something simple like catering lunch goes a long way. Nourish the nurses! They are working long hours to care for patients and often have little time to eat, let alone make themselves something to eat. Take care of that for them. Literally call any hospital in the Treasure Valley and offer to facilitate lunch. I bet they'll make sure it can be done.

Make/fill out Thank You cards and drop them off or mail them to nurses. A little encouragement goes a long way. It can be a thankless job at times. Nurses are such an integral part of patient care, doctors would be lost without them and it's good to let them know we understand their value. Heck, flat out give them cash. I know that sounds random, but they probably are still paying off student loans and any little bit is helpful.

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