Did you know that Arizona has a bill passing right now that requires, yes, makes it mandatory for personal finance to be taught and learned in schools?  I say HALLELUJAH and when does Idaho jump on board?

When it comes to teaching the kiddos about balancing checkbooks (if that's still a thing), building good credit, spending with all these new digital ways like Venmo or Bitcoin or VBucks (kidding... that's the Fortnite coming out in me)... Idaho is falling very short of teaching our kids these crucial lessons that build positive futures.

My dad's way of teaching me how to manage money was to NEVER spend a dime.  Work hard, pay your bills and save EVERYTHING.  How did that work out for me?  DISASTER!  I owe so much in so many different areas I can hardly keep my head above water.

Market Watch reports the following is the WHAT and WHY of the new bill passing in Arizona which is a bill most are hoping will pass in states across the U.S. including right here in Idaho...

To improve financial literacy among graduating students by requiring schools to teach the basics of personal finance prior to graduation

Bottom line... this stuff's important.  Every bit as important as Math or English or Physical Education.  Maybe more important.  Yeah, I think definitely more important.  How many times have we heard students say, "Why do I have to learn this?  I'll never use this in the real world."  And they're right.  Hell, I used to say that all the time.  So let's feed them some knowledge they can use.  Parents are NOT getting the job done at home.  Half the parents don't even know how to get the job done at home.  So let's not fail our kids at school.  Again, I say hallelujah and my hats off to Arizona.  Hopefully, they lead the way in what could be a very positive thing for my kids, your kids, and the entire future of our country.

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