I took a very full flight to Las Vegas where reports are suggesting the Delta variant of the Covid-19 virus is running rampant. And when I tell you there were no masks in sight or social distancing taking place, it is not an understatement. I follow my own protocols for behavior regarding the virus and prevention of the spread. And every one has the right to do things the way they feel comfortable and safest. But the data released by the CDC on the rise of Covid specifically in Nevada is a little jarring.

Idaho has had a spike in cases also and I can't help but wonder how much of that can be attributed to travelers from Las Vegas or locals who visited Las Vegas and have returned. I obviously am part of the latter. Despite being fully vaccinated and taking precautions there is a part of me that is naturally worried that I am contributing to the spread of infection?

I know there are differing views on this whole pandemic situation, but I think we all agree that it totally ruined 2020 and it's spilled over to 2021 in a lot of ways. We all are excited for this whole mess to be in the rear view hopefully permanently. So I guess I'm just saying let's all be as safe as we can and...maybe keep a few feet from the Vegas folks. Las Vegas is a hotspot right now in the worst way with new mask mandates rolling out. I know how much Idaho loathes a mask mandate, so let's try and not be like Vegas.

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