There is an epidemic across Idaho, and very prevalent in the Treasure Valley and that is motorists on their phones while behind the wheel. On Monday we heard yet another story from KTVB, about a crash on Eagle Road that sent a motorcycle rider to the hospital due to a car crashing into them while the driver was texting while driving.

The crash was especially horrific as the hit at between 30 and 35 mph from behind, which caused the driver to suffer serious injuries and was taken to a local hospital.

While the driver of the car that caused the crash was cited for inattentive driving, we need to do more. This crash wasn't planned, but it was also certainly avoidable. So, what do we do to make sure this stops?

It's seems clear that the current punishment isn't enough to get the attention of drivers who continue to break the law. We need more strict laws and harsher penalties for those who break the law.

Possibly a license suspension, with a reactivation fee. While I admit I don't have the perfect solution for this growing problem in our state, we need to take action before it gets worse.

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