Safe to say 2020 has provided a lot of time to dwell on our shortcomings. When the world around you is on fire (literally and figuratively), it's easy to dip into the negative. I am an overthinker as it is, so when quarantine became a thing I had ample time to over analyze and conclude I'm a miserable person. But misery loves company, and as it turns out I am not alone.

Express conducted a survey with 2000 people asking what they're hardest on themselves about. The list looks like a really sad Family Feud board:

1.  Bad decisions you've made in the past.

2.  Regrettable things you've said or done.

3.  How you look in pictures.

4.  Not exercising enough.

5.  Your weight.

6.  Thinking about things you WISH you'd said.

7.  Plans you didn't accomplish.

8.  Not pushing yourself more.

9.  Comparing yourself to other people.

10.  Not being more productive in general.

I identify most with regrettable things I've said and done. It's like a film reel of poor choices that plays through my mind and even keeps me up at night. But what good does that do me? If you're in this boat with me, I offer this piece of advice given to me by someone in a much healthier head space: If you regret it but can fix it, try. If it's too late, keep pushing forward. Worrying about the past doesn't change it and just gives you frown lines.

Considering I also relate to stressing over how I look in pictures, I should take that advice. I don't want frown lines when I already have a bad side. But as I get older I'm realizing it's more important that I look happy in pictures vs striking the perfect pose. When I die I want the pictures at my memorial service to reflect the joyful life I led.

Whichever of these strike a cord for you, at the very least you are not alone. And much like you'd tell a friend not to be so hard on themselves, apply that to yourself. We can all afford to cut ourselves some slack.

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