How does seeing the boys of Blink 182 AND getting a Tattoo for Free sound. You can do that just for listening to Mix 106.

Blink-182, My Chemical Romance And Matt & Kim Perform At Red Rock Casino
Ethan Miller, Getty Images

Mix 106 is always setting you up with access to the best concerts in the Treasure Valley. And we are doing it again. See Blink 182 in Thursday September 15 at Taco Bell Arena. Let's be honest when you think of think of INK. So we're teaming up with Talon Tattoo to get you that art you've been wanting. Listen for the CUE to Call, grab your Blink, and qualify for the INK. We are loading up the prizes as well with dinner with Nicole from the New Mix Morning Show when you win those Blink 182 Tickets before the concert. Who else is excited!!!

Keep listening for the chance to win through out the day. First go around every morning with Mike & Nicole on the New Mix Morning Show and when you drive home every afternoon with Jeff Connell. - JD

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