The roughly three-month time period between Memorial Day and Labor Day in Idaho has resulted in close to 90 highway fatalities statewide.

The "100 Deadliest Days," which refers to the high number of annual traffic deaths on Idaho roadways from May 27 to September 2, has resulted in 84 deaths as of August 28, according to totals shared by With a few more days to go before the official Labor Day holiday, that number will no doubt increase.

This number of traffic accidents resulting in fatalities could have been greatly reduced had drivers adhered to state laws concerning seat belts. According to the Idaho Transportation Department (ITD), 25 of this summer's fatalities were due to seat belt non-compliance.

Data has revealed that Interstate 84 remains the Gem State's most dangerous highway. I-84 extends more than 760 miles, from northeastern Utah to Portland, Oregon. More than 270 miles of this interstate is located within Idaho state lines, from Oneida County to Washington County.

Statewide traffic fatalities from 2013 to 2017 has also revealed that a staggering number (nearly 70 percent of drivers) chose to not wear their seat belts. It has been estimated that 85 percent of Idaho drivers routinely wear belts; the national average is at approximately 90 percent.

According to the ITD, on average, every five days a motorist in Idaho is killed due to not wearing a seat belt. In 2014, costs statewide for unbelted drivers exceeded $580 million. Interstate 10, in Florida, has led the country in traffic fatalities between the Memorial and Labor Day holidays for years now, according to statistics.

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