Russell Wilson has had a great off season, marrying Ciara and all, but soon it will be time to get back to work. He works for a football team with a value in the top half of the NFL, and may have helped the star rise over the past few years.

Forbes Magazine released its list of the Most Valuable Sports Franchises this week, and the Dallas Cowboys are #1.  And with a value of about $4 billion, they've almost doubled the value of the next high-ranking NFL team.  There are several soccer teams in Europe that have a value in the $3 billion range, but no other NFL teams even come close to the Cowboys.  The Seahawks rank #15.

A college professor came up with a formula to rank the best fan bases in the NFL, and took things into consideration like community support, attendance, money spent, and social media following.  The Jacksonville Jaguars have the worst fan base, according to this, and the Patriots and Cowboys have the best.  The Seahawks rank #13.

The Seahawks kick off the pre-season August 13th against the Kansas City Chiefs, and the regular season September 11th against the Miami Dolphins.  Just bring on football!

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