One NFL team has more "bandwagon" fans than any other, meaning of course that fans hop on the success wagon but aren't very passionate about the team during the down times. Is it Seahawk Nation?  Surely not.

CBS Sports says it's the Arizona Cardinals that have the most bandwagon fans.  The other top fairweather-fan teams are the Saints, Bills, Raiders, and Redskins.

So Seahawks fans rock, right?  Not exactly.  Or not completely anyway.  It turns out that Seahawks fans are one of the worst in terms of "fan equity" in 2014.  Fan equity measures "fans willingness to financially support their team."  Ooops.  We need to buy more tickets and jerseys it seems.  But we're loud!  The 12th Man has to count for something.  We make up for it with noise.

The Seahawks are in Boise today and tomorrow with the 12 Fan Fest at Dona Larsen Park.  Click HERE for the info to register, and show the Seahawks that we're no bandwagon fans.  It's a free event, so there is still that "fan equity" thing.  Oh well!