A new pop-up restaurant based on The Max from "Saved by the Bell", will open this summer in Chicago!

In a recent poll taken the #1 place people wish they could eat from a TV show, was "The Max" from Saved By The Bell.

Well, this summer in Chicago, it's almost a reality!

A pop-up restaurant will open for one month only on June 1st in Wicker Park. I am a huge Saved the Bell fan from their days at Bayside High with Mr. Belding to Cal U and living in the dorms.I remember the Jessie Spano caffeine pill freakout episode, the telethon to "Save the Max", and of course, the big Zack Morris and Kelly Kapowski proposal.

The restaurant will have theme menu items like the AC Sliders and a Lisa Turtle Milkshake. Costume Contests, Rare memorabilia and scripts you can check out in person. The Zack Attack! House Cover Band & The Sprain Dance contest! Q&A's with past cast members and amazing photo ops.

This is 90's nostalgia at it's finest and I LOVE it! I may have to make this trip happen!

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