The Idaho Conservation League is hosting a workshop for activists who need help being activated. They are focusing on people who want to get involved in The Northwest In Transition, best described by Rep. Mike Simpson's website:

"Congressman Mike Simpson has released a framework for reimagining the Northwest energy landscape and recovering critically endangered salmon populations.  For the last three years, he and his staff have held over 300 meetings with stakeholders, tribes, elected representatives and other interests trying to understand and break down this issue." The details of which can be found here.

Essentially if you're interested in saving the salmon and steelhead while looking for ways to make a brighter future for Idaho, this workshop is aimed at making your voice heard in meaningful, effective ways by teaching you how to:
-write effective letters to decision makers
-make personal phone calls to "move the needle"
-spread the word on social media and in your communities

The webinar takes place on March 30th, 2021 from 5:30pm - 6:30pm MDT. You can register here. "Join us! Whether you have many experiences with Idaho’s wild salmon, or just care about Idaho’s future, your voice makes a difference."  Idaho Conservation League encourages you to visit their website for more in depth information on fish recovery, energy, and water quality.

Personally I had no idea this was even an issue happening in Idaho and the Pacific Northwest. At the very least it's an opportunity to learn a bit about what's going on in our state regarding aquatic wildlife and their role in our daily lives.

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