West Ada and Nampa School Districts start back to school today. That means more foot traffic in neighborhoods and school zones, and a refresher in vehicle and pedestrian safety.

Whether your child is walking or riding their bike to school, there are things they should do make sure they stay safe. The most important, which we learn really young, sounds so silly to say but, looking both ways before crossing the street! If you're riding a bike, get off and walk the bike across the street.

If you're driving through a school zone, pay close attention to changing speed limits.

Kids don't necessarily pay attention in school zones, so we as drivers need to be extra careful just in case they decide to dart out in front of us. If you see kids walking down the side of the road or a close sidewalk, give them a little extra room to be safe.

Officials say, school safety starts at home, and  children of all ages should know the rules of the road before that first day!