The entertainment world suffered a shocking loss when the death of beloved comedian Robin Williams was first announced earlier this year. But the good thing about his medium of work is that we’ll always have footage of his immense talent to watch. Lucky for us, a clip of his final film performance has been released.

The clip (which you can see above) is of Monty Python’s Terry Jones’ sci-fi comedy ‘Absolutely Anything.’ Robin was apparently the first actor to commit to the film, which is about a teacher, played by Simon Pegg, who suddenly has the power to do absolutely anything (as per the title) because of a group of aliens.

At one point, Simon’s character gives his dog, Dennis, the power to think rationally and speak English, and it’s then that we hear Robin’s recognizable voice. It’s a great clip that demonstrates just how funny Robin was.

It’s a bitter-sweet experience -- to watch Robin's final performance -- because it demonstrates his enormous talent and his unmatched comedic timing, but reminds us that we will sadly never get a chance to see new material from him again.

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