For my entire life, I dreamed of a pro team in the Treasure Valley. It seemed like we always had to look elsewhere for "THE TEAM" to support. And forget about soccer. That day seems to be closer and closer because Boise could have OUR team soon.

Major League Soccer, has seen the potential of bringing the top of the crop to the valley because last year the Timbers brought their second level team here to an outstanding crowd. You can read that article by clicking here. After seeing the crowds fill the seats and the buzz around the city about the pro team from the Pacific Northwest give such great praise to our teams started to take notice. Then came the big hitters, Athletico Bilbao. The incredible basque culture that is an amazing part of our community welcomed both AB and Club Tijuana flew to the states and made believers out of so many Boise residents. And can we talk about how amazing it was to see nearly 22,000 soccer fans fill Albertsons Stadium and transform the "BLUE" into a "pitch" green and filled with goals and excitement?

It was one of the first times that the Blue has been turned green. Now that the Boise Hawks new stadium proposal is looking like it will become a reality with the move downtown, pro soccer in the Treasure Valley looks even more like it could be happening sooner rather than later. A recent article written by the Idaho Statesman outlines all the reason's why Pro Soccer in Boise could...and should work. Of the questions asked by most soccer enthusiasts are outlined in the article:

Q. When would we expect to see a Pro Team in Boise?

A: Looks like the earliest we will see cleats on the ground will be the Summer of 2019, more than likely 2020.

Q: Do people in Boise want to see pro soccer in our city?

A: Absolutely... with the past few summers seeing some major players grace our zip code...the more that keep coming out the more people will want to see.It's the field of dreams example.If you build it they will come.

Q: If the new pro soccer team is sharing the Boise Hawks new would they do that? 

A: Want the answer??? It's a good the full article by clicking HERE [How Professional Soccer Would Work in Boise] ...and find out everything you need to know about the proposed new stadium and demand for "Football" in the City Of Trees.

This is an exciting time to live int he Treasure Valley. Our city is growing and the rest of the country is seeing it as well. With the invitiation to possibly join the USL...Boise will soon be one of those destinations to come and watch the "Beautiful Game" in Downtown. I can already hear the chants for the new team...Boise City Football can only hope...- JD

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