I wasn't going to tackle this article but it's important especially with the current "Corona Climate" we're living in right now.

President-Elect Joe Biden has joined in with Presidents since the 1930s in making a pledge for the first 100 days in office. This year is no different but is nothing like we've ever seen. Biden will request all Americans wear a mask for the first 100 days he takes office.

Do you believe in COVID-19? Do you think masks are hoaxes? I've been alive for quite a few years now and I've seen enough to know what I don't. I wouldn't tell you how to cook your steak if I've never done it before or might suck at it. I couldn't tell you how to paint if I've never picked up a brush. We have a pandemic raging like wildfires and somehow politics has driven us away from common sense. We aren't specialists and yet we act like we have the answers.

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We've seen people show up at meetings, people's homes, and local businesses harassing others for wearing masks. Why are we doing this? I'm worried that we're still fighting about wearing a cheap mask that we're losing sight of what we should do, wear a mask. It won't be forever.

I'm not one to sit and fight with you about masks. Don't judge me on that. I wear one and will continue to put it on because it could save someone else. I don't really go out in public when I don't have to because I protect a little boy with nasty health issues. We all have something.

Things are projected to get worse and it's the holidays. Tempers have risen. We'll see if this happens with the President-Elect. You can expect on a local level to see things get tremendously worse if we don't do anything. The answer isn't just let everyone get through it because I have 3 family members who haven't gotten better yet. Things are extremely bad and the family is really worried.

New restrictions could be coming out Friday. We'll keep you posted via the app in case something comes across you miss.

Be safe and if President-Elect Biden asks you to wear a mask for 100 days will you do it? Post up on our Facebook or send us a DM. Also, be nice and stay safe.

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