People across the Treasure Valley are going to love the news that Pond No. 1 at Esther Simplot Park is back open. It was closed two weeks ago after finding blue-green algae in the water. KTVB reports that The City of Boise said the cyanobacteria found in the pond was discovered early, and when tested it was not producing toxins. The algae was acted upon immediately which has now eliminated the problem.

This is not the first time that the blue-green algae has been found in bodies of water across the Treasure Valley. Boise Parks and Recreation Director Dog Wolloway said, “We are currently working closely with the city’s Public Works team on a long-term water quality plan to help reduce algae growth in the future.”

The city is planning on continuing to treat the water to keep the algae from returning. Daily water tests are also planned for the rest of the summer.

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