Have you been playing Pokemon go and have been completely underwhelmed and disappointing at the number of characters that you've been able to find and capture? Then you need to make plans to head to Nampa this Friday (8/5)

The Downtown Nampa Community Association will be trying to lure you in (see what I did there?) by sponsoring Pokemon GO lures all over downtown Nampa this Friday night.

They'll sponsor lures near downtown Pokestops for four hours, from 6-10 p.m.  Businesses will also be getting in on the pokefun by offering Pokemon Go specials and pokeprizes too.  So grab your phone, your friends and get ready for some pokexcitement in Nampa.  To keep up with all the fun just follow along on their Facebook page to keep up with all the prizes and specials that will be happening.

"Look it's SQUIRTLE!!!!!"

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