On July 6th we will have had the gift of Pokemon GO for 5 years! Hard to believe it's been 5 years mostly 'cause an update to the game app that required a crap ton of phone space had people abandon the game within its first year. If you weren't a Pokemon fan before the game, the novelty likely wore off even sooner. But what was the appeal of this game in the first place? It was like hunting without guns and required far less skill. It turned your surroundings into a real life video game. And it got a countless amount of people outdoors socializing while working toward a common goal. What a time to be alive, capturing Pokemon and making friends.

5 years later I still seek the thrill of adding Pokemon to my Pokédex but hated that all my friends had left the game behind. Thankfully Facebook connected me with the group Pokemon Go: Idaho, which boasts an impressive 5.5K members spread across the Treasure Valley. It's easy to join the public group: Be a Pokemon Go fan and user, live in Idaho.

The feed is super active and has everything from actual game related tips, tricks, hacks, and discussions, to hilarious memes and an avenue to create friendships. Since I joined months ago everyone has been nothing but nice and helpful and it's awesome to be amongst nerds who obviously aren't judging.

By now all of us have smart phones with more storage than we had back in 2016. I highly recommend downloading it again and making new friends in the group and at the meetups when they go "hunting" for Pokemon.

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