According to many, the hallmark of summer in Idaho is nonstop road work. Orange barrel season, if you will. Meridian in particular seems to have a ton going on. Chinden is doing the most causing traffic delays when all I want is to get from Black Cat to Eagle for a Target run. At the very least it appears the installation of the traffic light on Ustick and Black Cat will happen any moment!

attachment-traffic light

They've arrived! As of this morning at 5:10am these were still hanging out on the side of the road, ready to make their way to their final resting place at the Ustick and Black Cat intersection. I've personally been very patient with the back ups this roadwork has caused because I've wanted this for so long. I can't imagine the wait will be much longer considering it might not be the best idea to leave these lying around for too long. People might get curious and mess with them.

Photo by AngieMorales
Photo by AngieMorales

Don't worry, I didn't mess with them. I just had to see for myself how huge the lights actually are. Hard to tell when they are up in the sky dictating traffic. Turns out, they are massive! I'm 5'1" for context. Pretty cool!

But as this one ends, I can only expect another project to begin. Especially with the way the population keeps growing. I just keep trying to look at it all as temporary inconvenience for the greater's for the greater good, right?

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