Making my way back to Las Vegas this weekend to see my brood of boys and pick up more of my belongings. Considering the recent spike of Covid cases, it would be safest if I road tripped it out there. Unfortunately my car isn't here yet, so I'll be taking my chances with airplane travel.

Having traveled on Frontier, Allegiant, and Southwest in the last 2 months, I chose Southwest based on their safety measures. Masks are required on their flights and even provided to those who do not have one. Social distancing of 6 feet is strictly enforced during the boarding process as well. Once you're on the plane, it is strongly encouraged middle seats remain vacant to maintain as much social distance as possible. I've only seen families traveling together take up an entire row.

The journey through the Boise Airport isn't too difficult. There are plenty of hand sanitizing stations throughout, which I gladly utilize. When I'm in line for security I remain distanced on the appropriate floor markers, making sure I'm at least 6 feet away from the person in front and/or behind me. Most importantly I keep my mask on at all times.

My worry is what the airport in Vegas will be like. On my last trip all the sanitizing stations were empty. This time I'll have my own sanitizer handy. Wish me luck!


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