Let me first say I am completely aware that Covid-19 has had far worse effects on the country and the world than canceled/restricted/modified birthday celebrations. I am more than concerned and do the best I can to make sure I am not contributing to the spread of infection. That said, 2020 is a tough year and it would be nice to have something to celebrate. The birth of wonderful people in my life and my own birth rank high on the list for me.

Back in March just one week before the whole city of Las Vegas basically shut down, I threw my husband a big birthday party where people we hadn't seen in ages managed to show up along with our closest friends. It was a dream! I wish I hadn't been blacked out for part of it (drinking, am I right?) because it was the last time I'd see most of those people for a very long while. 6 months have passed and things feel not much closer to any kind of normal.

My birthday was in July and I love to celebrate the whole month. I'm extra that way and I won't apologize for it. I had a theme picked out for my various celebratory plans. Just a month long birthday vibe, but pandemic ruined my plans and I didn't get to have all the people I love with me at one time. Everything was closed. It was just so blah! I was turning 33 on the 3rd and I won't have another palindrome birthday until I'm 44! This was a big deal to me. Next year I should get a do over, right?

Moug's birthday is coming up here in a week and I'm bummed for him that he can't have a proper birthday party that I would love to throw for him. I just feel like everyone who had a pandemic birthday deserves an even bigger and better celebration next year. What do you think?


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