The best way to find out about any profession is to ask the people working it (who aren't afraid to reveal the cold hard truth, no matter how icky.) Leave it to Reddit users to expose things companies they work for don't want you to know. For example, I worked retail for years and I will admit that when we go to "check for it in the back," we aren't checking anything. We chit chat with whoever of our coworkers are on break and come back out with the bad news that we don't have the item requested. I mean, we knew the whole time. But customers love to insist retail workers are trying to trick them.

This time hotel workers spilled the beans on what their establishments are hiding. Here are some of the more shocking revelations:

"Never trust the glasses in rooms. Housekeepers are so stretched thin on time that they sometimes clean the glasses with the same rags they use to clean the bathroom — after all, their goal is to make the room look clean."

Cool...just stayed in a hotel room over the weekend. Wish I'd have seen this sooner.

 "Dead people. In some places there's a reasonable chance somebody has died in your bed. Obviously it varies with the type of hotel and its clientele, but some places you get deaths weekly (not that the hotel is unsafe, but unfit old people overexerting themselves). One place I worked, maybe 40% of the beds someone had died in."

That's not unsettling at all. But death doesn't discriminate on location, I guess. I've just never thought about it.

 "Bedbugs. They happen in every hotel. You might be paying $5K a night, but your luggage was in the hold with everyone else's. If there's only one or two bugs and none in the adjacent rooms, then you brought them in."

That makes me nauseous. But at least we can spot those. Check the bed before getting in it!

"We don’t bat an eye at sex work or whatever goes on in the rooms, as long as it doesn’t affect other guests. Half the women who come to the bar are working girls looking for a sale. The only thing that the hotel industry ever really reports is human trafficking. There are telltale signs, and if something doesn’t add up, we do report it to local authorities."

Now this actually doesn't surprise me at all. But it does make me glad the lamps aren't black lights. I think the moral of the story is to spray everything down with disinfectant spray as soon as you get there.


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