Don't get up too soon, or you'll miss the credits and one of the best lines in the movie!

It tries to answer the single biggest question of the entire movie series.

I promise this is not a spoiler.  But it does address something we've all been wondering about the Toy Story series, and still struggle to find an answer to.

In one of the scenes during the credits, Knifey asks Forky, "How are we alive?!"  Forky get a bit of a blank look on his face (and by "face" I mean the back of the spork with mismatched eyes and a clay mouth), and he replies with a long, drawn-out, "I don't know."

Nobody does!  The toys can look so stoic, not alive, toy-like one moment, and in the next, they're falling out of windows and jumping off of trains and cars trying to rescue each other from dangerous situations. How exactly the toys come to life has been a mystery for four huge movies now, and it's totally fine.  Apparently, we've accepted the fact that the toys are made out of wood, stuffing, yarn, and kitchen utensils, and yet they can move faster than most star athletes.  (Knifey and Forky were made by a kindergartner in school and they spring to life when they meet Woody.)  The toys never eat and sometimes they get stepped on and get launched dozens of feet out of windows and off of ledges, and they always survive.  It's a good thing and we won't question it.  My daughters and I loved the movie, and they were all reciting several of the good lines from the movie right afterward.

There are five post-credits scenes that you'll want to stay for, and without giving too much away, let's just say one of the characters who was hilariously denied a high-five in the middle of the movie finally gets one.  And yes, that's Keanu Reeves as the voice of the motorcycle daredevil, Combat Carl.

Toy Story 4 had a huge weekend and it's getting good reviews from critics besides my 11, 9, and 7-year olds.  And as a mom, I totally noticed the strength that the female characters were given in the movie, did you?  Bo Peep looks like a delicate and demure princess from the outside, but on the inside, she's tough as nails and takes no fluff from anyone, and she leads the way for Woody when he gets a little wimpy and uncertain about things.  Hollywood continues to bring us empowered female characters, and Toy Story 4 is another good example of that.

And it's funny!  Even if we never really know how exactly they can be alive.

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