It seems like everyone is talking about how fast this summer has gone. It's crazy to think next week we will be into September and soon enough we will be sitting around in big comfy sweatshirts drinking warm beverages as winter approaches.

Every year people want to know what to expect during the winter months. Will it be another Snowpocalypse like in 2016-2017, or will we have a more mild winter?

The Old Farmers Almanac has predicted a "polar coaster" this winter, which means two-thirds of the country will face a freezing, frigid, and frosty winter.

When looking a little closer at the western-third of the country, we can expect a milder winter with near-normal temperatures and precipitation. Which I think sounds great to most people here in the Treasure Valley.

Remember, extended weather forecasting can never be 100% accurate. If you want a more depth look into the prediction click here.

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