It's that time of year again. "One of Boise's greatest traditions" is back. Boise Weekly's Best of Boise 2021 nominations are live right now. Running from May 12th to June 2nd, locals are encouraged to nominate their favorites in various categories for the opportunity to be crowned Best of Boise. Nominations can be made in the following areas:

- Arts and Entertainment
- Bars & Nightlife
- Goods and Services
- Food & Dining
- Sports and Recreation

You can nominate Moug & Angie in the subcategory of Best Local Radio Personality within Arts and Entertainment. If you don't see "Moug & Angie" already on the list, you can simply write in the names. Easy peasy. As the Angie from Moug & Angie, I clearly am biased in thinking my co-host and I deserve the honor. But I'd never ask you to nominate us just on my word. The proof is in the pudding, as they say. And the pudding is our show, Moug & Angie Mornings, on Mix106.

Weekdays from 5am to 10am you can listen to us try and win your affections with our ridiculousness, humor, and relatability. Moug and I are in different life stages than one another, come from culturally different backgrounds, and aren't married to each other. We're just really close friends who have a ridiculous amount of fun on air together and can be brutally honest with each other without worry of going home and sharing the same bed in awkward silence. I invite you to give us a listen on your radio at Mix106 (105.9) or on our mobile app. If you like what you hear, consider nominating us, Moug & Angie, as Boise's Best Local Radio Personality.

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Visit us this weekend at Idaho's Largest Garage Sale if you'd like to see us in person. I always like to match faces to the voices I hear on the radio. And we'd love to meet you. Instances have been too few and far between to actually be social with people. Looking forward to it!.

You can click here to make your nomination and to read more details on the nomination and voting process.

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