The Carolina Panthers' Cam Newton will play later today against the Dallas Cowboys.  But it's what he did behind the scenes this week that is the most memorable.  Love a positive role model, don't you?

Earlier this week Cam Newton invited hundreds of underprivileged kids from the Charlotte area to enjoy his Thanksgiving Jam, and about 900 showed up. Before dinner he held a little dab competition on stage and it looks like members of the Boys and Girls Club weren't starstruck at all and just had fun.  And so did Cam.

Cam Newton is an NFL player that's been criticized for not being a good role model, but it's hard to argue that point after watching this.  We can still be upset that his team beat the Seahawks in October though, that's okay.

The Panthers and Cowboys play this afternoon at 2:30.

The Lions and Eagles are up first, and then later tonight the Packers play the Bears.

Football and food...what a great day!  Lots of food.  Happy Thanksgiving.

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