There's a new candy shop coming to Meridan that plans to tug at your heartstrings in February. This warm message and sweet spot will get you ready to bring in Valentine's Day.

Sweet Zola's Candy Shop will open on February 4, 2019, with a slightly different operating structure. The employees will primarily be staffed by individuals with Developmental Disabilities.

I reached out to the owner of Sweet Zola's Candy Shop, Cyndy Radovich, for some quick reference on why this was so important.

It's extremely important that individuals with Developmental Disabilities get the correct mentoring and direction. Too many times these experiences go wrong because the individuals aren't getting the proper direction. I feel like this is a great opportunity for these people, their famlies and the community.

Cyndy has been a local Autism Consultant for the last 12 years and feels this is something that community is missing. She is teaming up with Potter's Tea House in Meridian to build out a special section. Cyndy is investing her own money into this venture in the hopes of showing that people with disabilities can contribute to society like anybody else.

The candy is ordered, furniture is on it's way and we're gonna be ready for the February 4 opening.

Sweet Zola's Candy Shop is opening on a smaller scale in the hopes of expanding. Cyndy's goal is to help as many people as she can and this is a great start! Employees will be provided on the job training by an Autism Specialist who has been serving the local community for 11 years.

Cyndy isn't just providing jobs. So many people look at a job as just that, a job. Receiving this opportunity will be so much more that includes the hope for future careers while working within a great environment.

I've told Cyndy that I would bring our little guy in for some candy and that I would spread the word. We love to help our community and this woman is taking a chance. We should all go out and buy some chocolate and share a post. We live in a divisive environment as we open up 2019 and that makes this story so much more meaningful. Cyndy also mentioned to me that the name comes from her little two-year-old daughter, Zola. Super cute!

Courtesy of Cyndy Radovich
Courtesy of Cyndy Radovich

Good luck Cyndy!

Sweet Zola's Candy Shop Candy for Inclusion

  • Meet the employees for a special opening of introduction on February 4th at 5:00 P.M.
  • Located 917 N. Main Street, Meridian, Idaho, 83642

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