How many ways and how many times can it be said? Covid-19 has put the kibosh on basically all things in 2020. There is nothing traditional about the way we've been living for the better part of a year. Working from home isn't a dream scenario. Weddings aren't a big affair if taking place at all. Face masks have become fashion pieces. Spending all your money on delivery and takeout makes you a local hero to the economy. Drive bys are birthday parties, not gang activity.

Now the holidays are upon us and the standards are out the window. Christmas carnivals, big family gatherings, holiday parades, Christmas parties--not this year! Time to come up with something new. A new survey shows these as the top 5 new traditions families are starting as a result of this year's unique circumstances.

1.  Dropping off surprise presents at people's houses.

2.  Doing Zoom meals with extended family.

3.  Having a day where everyone disconnects from all their devices.

4.  Making homemade decorations.

5.  Baking a specific recipe as a family.

I personally hate the rise of Zoom. It's made people think they can have access to me while I'm at home and I don't like that. If I didn't leave the house to see you in person, that means I don't want to see you. Stick to texting or regular phone calls. I can't be freely ugly on a Zoom call.

But this year will be the start of me cooking the holiday meal. I've never had to because I always spend the holidays with my sister and mom, who are the cooks of the family. Coronavirus is forcing me to be the chef this year. Might as well keep it going forever. Or at least join forces once it's safe again.

What traditions are you starting this year and what traditions had to go on the backburner for now? I'd love to compare notes!

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