I literally just celebrated my son's fourth birthday this week and I was struggling hard to figure out what on earth to plan as a party for him. In the end my husband and I got him a trampoline that sufficed as birthday entertainment for him and his brother and cousins. But the party was a small family affair and he is still little enough to find bouncing up and down novel and thrilling. Looking ahead to my older son's birthday, I know a trampoline in the backyard isn't going to cut it and he will want to invite his entire class.

A couple of years ago he attended a birthday party at a classmate's home that had something I'd never seen before. A game truck. Like a food truck, but there's inside seating and rows of video game consoles and mounted TVs where guests can play to their heart's content. Really the similarity to the food truck is that it's a mobile operation. But it was by far and away the most fun my kid has had at a birthday party in years. He's 10, so bounce houses and character parties were starting to get old.

So now that he'll be turning 11, he wants a cool kid party. And Longoria Game Truck has just come to the Treasure Valley. They have two game trucks that can be rented together or individually for birthday parties, reunions, church functions--basically whatever special occasion you think would benefit from facilitating a Mario Kart tournament between guests.

The trucks facilitate game play on the inside and the outside, so more guests can participate. You're looking at PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch as your gaming console options. I'm assuming the latest version of Xbox and PlayStation. The trucks are also climate controlled, so it doesn't matter what season you book. I'd just keep in mind to have a smaller number guests in more extreme weather conditions so everyone can be inside the truck.

Guess my kid is going to have a cool kid party this fall. You can book as far out as October 30th, 2021. They're Boise based but go all over the Treasure Valley for events. So my little Meridianite self can still book them.

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